Online quiz: are you a molecular biologist ?
- Level III: Expert -
(with emphasis on plant biotechnology)
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1. What is the meaning of "+" or "-" in the name of the cloning vector pBluescript SK (+/-)?
   describes whether sense or antisense transcripts will be produced from the T7 promoter
   describes the orientation of the multiple cloning site
   means two different quality control methods applied to the product
   describes the orientation of the f1 phage ori

2. Somatic embryogenesis is:
   Germ line cells developing into embryos
   Non-germ line cells developing into embryos
   Embryos developing from zygotes
   Embryonic tissue becoming somatic

3. The term homology is often used incorrectly. Which statement is correct?
   The closest BLAST homolog is 72% identical to the query
   Mouse and human SSU rRNA are 85% homolog
   The best BLAST hit is a homeobox protein, which shows high homology to the query
   Chimp HSP70 is more homolog to human HSP70 than the pig protein

4. There are homologs, orthologs, paralogs and xenologs. What is an ortholog?
   A gene which came into being by a gene duplication event
   A gene which has been laterally transferred to the offspring via the germ line
   A gene which evolved from its sister gene in another organism by speciation
   A gene which was transferred from another organism

5. What is a chimeraplast?
   An RNA/DNA hybrid oligonucleotide
   A fusion product of protoplasts from different species
   A transformed plastid carrying a transgene in the plastome
   A product of 1st strand cDNA synthesis

6. What is essential for T-DNA transfer?
   Inverted repeat border sequences
   Palindromic border sequnces
   Direct repeat border sequences
   An AtuI restriction site at the border sequence

7. What are the precursors for the synthesis of nopalines?
   Pyruvat + amino acid
   alpha-Ketoglutarate + amino acid
   Oxalate + amino acid
   Phosphoenolpyruvat + amino acid

8. If you want to compare the results of two arrays in a two-color cDNA microarray experiment, which method do you have to use:
   Outlier filtering
   Two-sample t-test

9. What does the CT-value (cutoff threshold) in real-time PCR experiments mean?
   the lower the value, the higher the transcript amount
   the higher the value, the higher the transcript amount
   no transcript, if the value is larger than 30
   no transcript, if the value is lower than 30

10. Colchicine arrests cells in Mitosis, because
     it prevents chromosome condensation by inhibiting histone-histone interactions
     it binds to monomeric tubulin and thus depolymerizes microtubules
     it dephosphorylates tubulin monomers and thus depolymerizes microtubules
     it binds to the + end of F-actin and prevents further addition of G-actin to actin filaments


The expert level questions were generated by Wolfgang Frank, Daniel Lang, Stefan Rensing, Sandra Richardt, Eik Schumann and Stefanie Tintelnot