Online quiz: are you a molecular biologist ?
- Level II: Intermediate -
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1. Klenow fragment without free nucleotides exhibits
   exonuclease activity
   endonuclease activity
   nickase activity
   no activity

2. mRNA usually is being extracted using
   a polyT resin
   RNase P
   a polyA resin
   an rRNA trap

3. A CsCl gradient will separate DNA molecules by

4. CMC means
   critical membrane constitution
   critical micellar concentration
   citrate mediated cleavage
   cDNA mediated cloning

5. Sonication can be used to
   make plants grow faster
   make bacterial cells transformation competent
   break open cells
   denaturate proteins

6. Native GFP emits green light and is excited by
   UV light
   blue light
   yellow light
   red light

7. A C-terminal KDEL motif will most often ensure
   the protein to be folded by HSC70
   the protein to be degraded by the polyubiquitine pathway
   ER-retention of the protein
   secretion of the protein

8. A typical membrane-spanning protein domain is around
amino acids long

9. An NLS is
   an internal motif that ensures import into the nucleus
   a signal peptide that ensures import into the nucleus
   an internal motif that shuttles between nucleus and cytoplasm
   a signal peptide that leads to vesicular secretion

10. The E-value in a BLAST search measures
     the probability that the search result is non-random
     the significance of the search result
     the probability that the search result is obtained randomly
     the significance of the local alignment