Online quiz: are you a molecular biologist ?
- Level I: Beginner -
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1. EcoRI under certain conditions possesses
   cross activity
   star activity
   blunt activity
   polymerase activity

2. Taq polymerase usually adds an
to the end of the polymerized strand of DNA

3. Detection of blotted proteins by antibodies is called a

4. The OD 260 value tells about the
of DNA at 260 nm wavelength

5. The most common liquid volumes in molecular biology are being measured in

6. Which form of plasmid DNA runs quickest in an agarose gel
   open circle
   nicked circle

7. PCR means
   Polymerase Chain Reaction
   Plasmid Coil Removal
   Point Cross Restriction
   Primer Circle Reaction

8. A probe is
   a pointed instrument
   a labelled piece of nucleic acid
   a rounded reaction tube
   a sample of material

9. Reverse transcriptase produces
   DNA from peptides
   RNA from DNA
   DNA from RNA
   RNA from RNA

10. Competent cells are being used for

11. molecular biologists need ethanol mainly for
     precipitation of nucleic acids
     dissolving of nucleic acids
     precipitation of antibodies

12. A secondary antibody is
     an antibody that has been used in prior experiments
     an antibody purchased from a cheap company
     an antibody that binds to another antibody
     an antibody that is produced in boostered animals

13. In an agarose gel, DNA is moving from
     kathode to anode
     left to right
     anode to kathode
     A to B

14. Which of these enzymes produces blunt ends:

15. A blot is
     a dried piece of gel
     a membrane with adherent molecules
     a square piece of filter paper
     a failed experiment