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  • Level I: Beginner

  • Level II: Intermediate

  • Level III: Expert (with emphasis on plant biotechnology)

  • As a "graduate" of each of the quiz levels you can win a free "molecular biology quiz graduate" JPEG - can you believe that ?!-:) In order to see the image you have to pass the test with a good rating, of course...

    If you don't even know what molecular biology means, this is the short guide for you folks:
    Molecular biology mainly deals with DNA, the molecule that is used by living organisms to store information (yeah, you're right, GENES!). As a molecular biologist you spend most of the time by transferring tiny, tiny volumes of clear liquids from some bottle to some other tube. "Gee, that is boring stuff these guys have to work on!" you might think. Noooo, it can be pretty fascinating watching the results of the manipulation of them clear liquids, believe us. Anyways, if you are interested now in what molecular biologist ought to know, go and try the beginner quiz.....

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